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Scented Sanctuaries

Project type

Film, Photography, and Product Design


Winter 2024


Savannah, GA

A mock product collaboration between Aēsop fragrances and Restoration Hardware. Created by my partner and I, Kennedy Fahle. These pieces were created for our Product Design for Consumer Experience course with Stephen White.

Aēsop x RH
"Our aromatic interiors collection is the only partnership that combines fragrance and furniture to create infused practices, unlike other collaborations our treasured formulations and pieces enhance mundane daily activities into a sensory experience.

Who: for domestic individuals
Where: in comforted spaces
Why: to experience the intertwined luxury of aromatic interiors
When: for when everyday rituals become tedious"

This collection includes a laundry product trio and a trio of pieces to enhance our consumers laundry space. The formulas are a Cloth Solvent, Fabric Essence, and Linen Spray. The furniture treasures created were a Folding Table, an Ironing Board, and a Concrete Tray.

Creative directed & written by Tinley Peters and Kennedy Fahle
Video & Photography by Mia Manza
Talent by Juliette Feau

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