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Fashion Film - Adobe Illustrator - Editorial


August 2023

Intemporelle, french for "timeless", A Mock Sub-Brand / Fashion Film for YSL. A project created for a Fashion Merchandising class at SCAD. Intemporelle encapsulates the timeless essence of club culture & fashion as they have been parallels throughout time. Our fashion film takes you through five eras of fashion in club culture from our past and going into our future. My team created a sub-brand under YSL, inspired by Studio 54 and fashion from the past.

Creative directed by Tinley Peters, Brady Lincavage, and Rachel Bronstein.
Film/Photography by Ryan Hughes, Charlie Richardson, and Jacob Yates.
Editing/Music by Ryan Hughes.
Lead Models - Tatum Fry, Ayden Behn, Erin Jones, Julia Bencivenga, and Shammah Dosunmu.
Extras - Gabriella Mukisa, Ivey Alford, Lauren Knabel, Garrett Davis, and Jake Jurchak.

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