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Mock Campaign for JACQUEMUS

Project type

Editorial, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


July 2023


A Mock Campaign for JACQUEMUS. The collision of the two worlds of couture and Mother Nature. To appreciate not only the luxury world but the natural world at the same time together. Through this project I wanted to celebrate the use of the natural world in JACQUEMUS' branding. I found myself always inspired by how the creator of JACQUEMUS, Simon, used the natural world as a huge inspiration in his work. I think that sometimes in the luxury space we can lose sight of nature and JACQUEMUS is a brand that always brings us back to reminding us our true roots or our true inspiration, Mother Earth. This project is an ode to JACQUEMUS.

Creative directed, styled, edited, and photographed by Tinley. Talent by Lainey Campion, Sydney Esker, Ethan Grindley, and Greyson Campion.

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