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Copper Candle Holder

Project Type

Sculpture - Furniture/ Home Decor Piece


February 2023

This piece is created from hand cut copper piping I assembled into my shape. This was a project created for my 3D Design II class at SCAD. It was on exhibit for CIDA Accreditation 2023 - Council of Interior Design Association.

The function of my piece is to add décor, geometric detail. Its’ purpose is to be a source of lighting/ambiance to the chosen space. I have used modern design style features such as repetition, rotation, elegant connection of materials, and pure expression of materials. The use of these principles allows it to be a complete work. Geometry played a part in the design process specifically using pure geometry, the golden rectangle. The golden rectangle is used with the overall shape of the design materials. The space that was chosen for this piece shows lots of hidden pure geometry, so I wanted to continue with that in my piece.

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